Corruption in India – A mockery of Democracy

I was in Canada a year ago when North America was going through its worst phase of economic slowdown and we keep getting news about IPL and tons and thousands of rupees flowing for the game. Some of my Canadian friends wondered how could an ‘developing country’ like India manage to stage games at such a huge expense. While that question still remains a mystery to me and to most of the Westerners. It is fairly evident that India by and large has a capacity to flaunt immense wealth on wrong reasons. Be it CWG; IPL, 2G Scam or Adarsh, the list goes on. These erratic and exotic pursuits have left economists wondered as how rich is India and a common man whether India will ever spend such money on more fundamental needs of the society.

While India takes the pride of hosting one of the best games in Asia yet to its dismay it finds in a big soup of losing tax payers money for mere 15 days of jubilation. Now the CBI and also the big Lion Supreme Court is after the scapegoats. But it strikes to me as why was the bill passed in the first place. Where were those nethas when bill was placed to spend whopping amount of 65,000 crores of rupees for CWG. Although IPL is held privately yet its common sense that it has given room for lobbying, fixing and betting. Yes, its a glorified form of Casino played on field and any rich guy can play the dice. Was Government so bereft of this knowledge that IPL is another form of gambling ? Now 2G Scam has a gamut in itself. Opposition blames the PM for his silence, Government blames DMK for this fraud, CAG blames the minister, media blames Nira and I think citizens too to be blamed for being so passive and resilient.

When I said resilient, I am in no way alluding an outburst of a mob and pelting stones on properties or destroyed Public Transportation vehicles. We are the largest democratic country in the world and if fought democratically then there is eternity we can achieve. And finally it boils down the same power each common man holds which he exercises once in 5 years(sometimes twice or thrice), the voting power. Power has to be vested on more credible than able. I say credible over able is that because ability how has become an independent factor which heavily relies on world politics. At least a credible leader who promises to execute his basic duties and has an impeccable courage to bring his friends or foes to bring to justice, shall surely bring India to glory.

We are all on the verge of some elections in some where or the other parts of the country and I hope we move on from caste, sect, region based politics to performance, vision and integrity based leadership.

Jai Hind


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