Forever Yours

Forever Yours

A dim light was glowing on his table, throwing light just on the papers that he is writing. Chris stretched on his chair holding his cigarette. It is only man who has the power to hold thousand degrees of flame on the tips of his fingers, he thought. Being pensive he thought when he could complete this application. Chris is a man in his late twenties with agreeable features. He has got a slender figure, his hands feeble to look at. The lines on his forehead show that he has been through tremendous pain emotionally. The torture I had been through is required for me, he thought. Iron gets its shape when it is hot at some thousand degrees. I need this torture and pain for some day it will pay me and she will be with me forever, he thought. It has been six years that I know her but I have hardly seen her in these years. If love is a devotion of values and ideas then he has been an ardent lover all these years. But still he wanted that torture of separation.

He picked up his glass filled with scotch and gulped it at once. It was courage that he was calling upon to complete that application. He took his pen and started writing that he heard a knock on his door. He thought life is so smooth being alone or being with a preferred partner but never an unsolicited guest. He never likes to be disturbed especially when he wants that solitude. He always felt people disrupt the harmony of his thoughts.

It was Pat his old friend who is quite close to him and his past. Though Chris never reveals his inner soul but Pat can always comprehend what he is going through.

“So, filling up things man, looks like everything is falling in its place”

“No Pat not yet, this is just an attempt from my side”

“When was the last time you spoke to her?”

“It’s been a month”

“Chris I seriously don’t understand how you call yourself as a lover. On what moral code is this? On what moral premise you say she loves you. You hardly communicate and I know that the expressions exchanged are very less. I have seen every person in love goes and achieves the partner and be with her for the rest of his life. You both are just under a belief that you like each other but, out of sight is out of mind. ”

“Pat I always say that Love is the highest form of feeling caused towards the values and ideas. We fall in love with someone who has similar ideas or at least respect them. But you see one goes in pursuit of the object but not the values. When he gets the object he completely despises her and feels that he has done a contemptible act. Finally he tries to get his pleasure from a whore which he never loved or never will. And I do not want to be one among them. You see the moral premise of yours stands perfectly right in this case.”

“This is insanity. Just because you do not want to despise her you don’t to be together”

“Why? No, Of course we will be together but I want to go through this torture till I feel that the devotion and object are one and the same.”

“You are going through this pain but do you think she is going through the same”

“More than what I am”

“And till what time is this insane torture going to go?”

“Relax Pat, looks like I can’t bear your torture anymore; pick up that scotch and toast.”


It was quite late when she left her office and today she preferred to take a walk from the station. Streets were colored orange with lamp posts which looked as if it’s dusk. Unseasoned showers made the evening pleasant which made Avril to take a walk. The bracelet clinging to her wrist was brushing her leg as she increased her pace. It was six years back that Chris has presented that bracelet and she always wore it as a sign of pride. Avril is a spectacularly beautiful woman but people say that its her confident walk with head erect is what makes her more gracious. Though she looks soft but she is fiercely independent from within. Chris never stops giving compliments to her charming eyes and innocent smile.

Avril has always a hedonistic approach to her life. Avril has taken up her career seriously as she wants to prove it to herself of her abilities. Though the work is challenging and interesting but what pricks her is the prying eyes of men. They all look like vultures trying to quench their hunger. She always felt men has inferiority complex in this regard. He who goes in pursuit of sleeping with a woman has nothing but to prove his esteem with the partner. Artificial praise is what makes his esteem go higher. She wants to get out this and be with a man who loves her soul and spirit. It has been six years that she found that devotee. It was different with Chris. During their interactions his desire was always to know her better. The moments became so intimate that they surrendered to each other. It was the highest form of expression of love where in one gives his soul and body to his object of devotion. She always cherishes those moments especially when he kissed her for the first time and silently said he is hers. She can never despise the act of making love and every act of his she felt as if she was melting in his arms. It was not her self esteem that was elevated but the esteem for him to know her within.

They stayed together for very less time but every meeting was passionate. Every time Chris was ecstatic to explore her body and soul. His usual greeting when he meets her was to brush her cheeks with his.

Six years have passed without seeing him but still I am passionate for him, this is called love, she thought. But for how long is this wait and for how long this torture, she thought she can’t take it anymore. Then she looked at the bracelet gave a smile and thought few more days.

She opened the door of her house and there was a note from her mother that she is coming the next morning. She was always reluctant to receive her mother as their first discussion will be about her marriage. She never had the courage to talk about Chris because she was afraid to anticipate the destiny.

“Hey my baby, how is your work?”

“I am fine mom and how are you?”

“I am good, I want you to concentrate on your career and do well in it.”

On the contrary to the marriage topic how come she is talking about my career, Avril thought.

“………I got your passport from the house, I thought it might be useful, because these days’ companies send people abroad and I thought it might be useful to you”

“Mom, I am not interested to go abroad”

“Who knows you may be”

It was astonishing to her that she left after a week and never mentioned about marriage. She thought either her mother lost the hope on her or she was expecting too much of pressing.

She got immersed in her work and one day she got a package from Chris. It was an application for her to join him as a common law partner. Though she was blushing to see that advance from him but was taken aback to see that the application was almost filled. There lies the passport number on it. Her thoughts were racing as how he got all this information. She picked up the phone and called her mother.

“Mom, tell me frankly why did you give me that passport?”

“I already said you have to go abroad”

“Which abroad are you talking about?”

“How do I know?”

“Alright, I give up, tell me did someone contact you by the name of Chris?”

“Who is Chris? Why should he contact me? Are you hiding something from me?”

“Nothing I will talk to you later.”

That discussion was not really fruitful. She was partly confused and partly tensed up. That is when she heard a knock on the door. She knew it should be Chris, she ran to open the door. He was wearing a black tuxedo with flowers in his hand. He hasn’t changed at all. She grabbed him at once and hugged him.

“You won’t forget to brush those cheeks and I love that.”

“My dear, I remember every moment that I was with you, how can I forget that.”

“Now, honestly tell me you sent this application isn’t it?”


“How did you get my information?”

“Why do you think your mom gave you your passport?”

She was spell bound for a moment and was trying to comprehend what is going on.

“So you spoke to my mom?”


“When you have all the information then why did you bothered to send it to me?”

“If you observe I haven’t ticked ‘Marital Status’ column, I want you to fill that.”

She picked up the pen and marked “Married”.


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