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Varanasi – The Holy Land of every Hindu:

These pictures were taken during our visit to the holy land for Hindus called Varanasi or Kasi. Varanasi is one of the very oldest cities known to mankind. On the banks of the holy river ganga it the Ganges this city is filled with history, religion, serenity and piousness. Varanasi is home for one the prestigious universities of India name as Banaras Hindu University. Founded by Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, this university hosts graduation and post graduation studies in various faculties.

Not too far from this place is Sarnath, where Lord Buddha have his first sermon on Dharma and other Buddhist philosophy. Sarnath also has a museum which hold the actual Ashoka Chakra that has been adopted by the government of India in its national emblem and national flag.

The banks of Ganges which is considered to be the most sacred river for Hindus flows right from the city. It is believed that a dip in the holy river cleanses all our sins. The remains of the mortals are also left in the river as Hindus believe that the mother Ganges will take the dead to heaven.

The boatsmen usually charge about 200-300 rupees per person to take you on a ride for s stretch of 3 kms.

Kasi or Varanasi draws its significance also from Kasi Vishwanath temple. Built roughly around a thousand years ago and rebuilt, renovated and restored many times in history. The main temple is believed to have been as Lord Siva used to reside in Varanasi.

This place has many myths, legends and faith than any place on the earth.

I present you a glimpse of this natural and historic city of Varanasi. A holy Land of every Hindu.


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