The Deceptive Mind – Chapter 1

This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised. 

The Deceptive Mind

Chapter 1

It was summer weekends of 2000 where we had nothing to do except meet friends during those hot sweating days to have some stupid snacks, as I was not used to drinking by then. I was, as usual, going to meet my friends near the library, the reason I said near is because we never went inside it. God knows how long I had been to it, I think it was when I failed in Science in my school and my teacher complained to my mom saying I had not an inch of an idea about this “The Solar system”. My mom was so upset and crying all about that incident that I had to promise that I will learn about that goddam Solar System and then I used to go that Library to read some crazy books written by Copernicus and Who was that….I think Kepler, yes he was the guy. These guys wrote some sort of important thing on Solar system, that’s what I remember during my classes. Anyway I was going to meet my folks outside the library and from there we were planning to go the Lake front. Guys my age were always seen at the Lake front and the only reason was that all the girls in the town were to be seen there.

It was a killer instinct to watch all those babes going with some stupid morons whom they think are the smartest guys on earth. I tell you, these girls are so stupid sometimes that we even made some fun on their naive way of picking mates.  But sometimes we do see some single girls in the park and loitering and probably thinking like we do but may be they thought on how stupid guys are to spend hell of money on these creeps who keep changing boys like they change their lipstick. So while we were picking on those couples and were making fun of them among ourselves, I saw one gal in the corner of the shore on a bench with some dirty looking guy.  The moment I saw her I felt I knew her but I could not recall who. Then I quickly drew Aron’s attention to have a keen look at her and refresh my memory.

Aron was my childhood friend. He had been with me in my school and was my college mate as well. It was very unlikely that he would not know the people I knew. Besides Aron had this sleuth mentality that he keeps a track of all things and people he ever comes across and sometimes even fantasizes to be chasing some mystery. He always thinks there is some mystery in everywhere and he has that uncanny way of finding it. So Aron was staring at that couple for full two minutes with one of his eye brows raised and he looked as if he is not just finding the gal but the whole story of their presence at the shore. I almost thought he is going to unravel some big mystery very soon. Suddenly I could see his expressions changing, his eyes were wide open and he was trying to tell me in some excitement. Before even he could speak I saw his hands were moving hysterically and I felt he will die of breathlessness. Finally he could spit the name of the gal to be Gina.

“Which Gina? You mean the chick whom Rocky has been pecking?


Oh I hope it’s not our Science teacher’s daughter. That will be too sad for her to know that her daughter has been going with a dark pig that has this hair already falling off and looking bald.

No you moron, she is our classmate and from your locality, what you call it, I mean call him, Giesham, yes Mr.Giesham’s daughter.

No kidding, that Giesham girl whom our Sanji was deeply in love with and used to flock around her house.

Yes the same chick

We got curious to have a close view of them so we sneaked behind the bushes. While Aron was looking with that suspicious intensity I really wanted to know who that bastard was and how far has he advanced while sitting beside her. I could see that he had put his arms on the bench and around her neck but looks like she is not too keen to have it too close to her bosom. I could see her holding his fingers and it looked to me that it was not out of love but out of caution to avoid that creature to take advantage of that lovely sunset which was indeed romantic. I think he was speaking some shit and was trying to be romantic and probably mesmerizing but I don’t think it really did any charm on her. I mean who would really feel amused with a porcupine. While I wanted to give some ear to what there were discussing we suddenly heard our folks yelling out for us and this stupid Aron answered them with a loud voice. That alerted those love birds I think, he turned his head around to see if someone was behind but we were hidden nicely in a bush that he hardly could make us out. But they started walking towards the parking and we had to go back to our folks. I don’t know why but I was feeling sick of thinking about her going with that guy. He may be a good guy but somehow I was not comfortable to see her with him.

She was our classmate in the school and our Sanji was madly in love with her. Her parents were our family friends and since we lived in the same locality we used to visit each other houses too often. So this Sanji guy used to hang around with me and used to push me to take him to her house. I did that couple of times but her mom was very shrewd lady and she found out that something was fishy. She called me once to her house and gave a warning. Later I never took him anywhere near her. But after our school I hardly saw her. I heard she joined some good college in the city and spent most of the time studying. But I really felt she was like my kiddy friend. She too was with me from my childhood like Aron. But he hardly used to speak to her. But she was very friendly and talkative with me. She had this wide smile and nice lips which used to open up to show her teeth while smiling. She was little dark but what a charm she was. I think whole class was having a crush on her but all, and including me, were respectful for Sanji and never mentioned anything cheap about her.

We left the Lake Front as it was getting dark and while we were walking towards the library I told Aron to keep an eye on this guy and give me a report as soon as possible. Aron got excited so much that he almost felt like a Sherlock holmes that got a new case to solve. We reached the library and bid good-bye.

I was walking back home and it hit me about the story of Sanji. He was really mad of her and he got some stupid movies in his head and started thinking himself as some Richard Gere or something. I know he used to get lot of money from home. He used to spend on buying gifts and all she does was throw it off or keep it at her desk in the school. What is the use of keeping the gifts at school which are supposed to be in her room? I think she was scared of her mom asking too many questions and make her confess that she is actually in love with that guy. It doesn’t matter to moms whether the girl loves or not all they want is to accept that it is a mistake and promise to never do it again. I think parents get this sadistic pleasure in finding faults in their kids and mend them their ways and feel contended that they made a remarkable change in their kid’s lives.

I saw Gina was never too close to him and never entertained his theatricals. But in the final year of our school Sanji really got crazy and once cut his forearm with a knife and wrote her name on a paper. He even wrote I love you, I wonder how much blood he must have wasted. I mean no pun on him and I do respect his love and all those feelings but what does he get by writing names with blood. As if he is Jesus to wipe all her woes with his blood. I think this news got out soon and the paper landed in the hands of our Science teacher. You must have seen her face on that day. It was red like hell and she was so hysterical that she almost broke his bones. Later Sanji was crying all day with bruises and all but it really scared the shit out of him and he stayed away from Gina for some time. But hardly did he realize that we were nearing our final days of our schooling. When we finished our exams and we were just having our send-off party we were all too emotional .I didn’t notice what Sanji did as I was too absorbed in talking to everyone out there. Later I never saw him in our locality. And as I said I never met Gina later.

To be Continued….


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