The Deceptive Mind – Chapter 2

The Deceptive Mind – 

Chapter 2

This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised.

I took Computers Science in my college and Aron took Biology. Somebody’s mom told my mom that computers will be a big thing soon and will bring a lot of money to people who have formal education in it. So she made me join this course and as this branch of study was fairly new in the system it was not that easy to find a good teacher who can handle the folks and the subject. We had this Computer teacher called Prakriti, it took me a while to pronounce her name. She was the most attractive of all the staff in the college. She didn’t have good dress sense and always looked odd in her dressing. If only one has the eye of a tiger can notice how rural her choice of colors and clothes were. Fair complexioned and lean she used to wear those big large framed glasses to look more old and aged. She had a slender figure with the curves at right places on her. She used to deliberately wear oversized clothes so that she could avoid being noticed by boys like us.

She always used to get nervous and sometimes whine at us if she gets upset. It is really fun to make her sore and cry. Especially boys in my class used to push me to taunt her. I sometimes pity her that she becomes a scapegoat quiet often. But the fact that she is 2 years elder to us and was a student in the same college and took up this job will always remain in our mind and I think we can never get over that feeling and accept her as some middle-aged lifeless nun. Probably it is for the same reason that she used to dress herself unattractive. But she had a knack to control us; she knew our parents. So she used to threaten that she will complain about us to our folks and used to ring some bells in our minds and keep us sober.

One day she just threw the door open and walked into the class and her face was all burning red with anger. I think she was too furious and was breathing heavily. I never saw her so upset and angry before. After a pause she looked right at me and said “You followed me last evening and came to my street, my neighbors saw you and informed me. I could take all your nonsense as long as it is in the class. But if you go over your limits then you will see the wild side of me” At that time I could really see her wild side. I never saw her to be so upset and I felt she was really serious. But before the matter could escalate I just softly said “Sorry Mam”. It really had some effect and she calmed down and left the class. But I was sitting there like a stupid boy. I mean, there is nothing wrong flirting with our teacher because technically she isn’t one, she is just our superior and I have dated girls of her age before. But the way she was reacting and all was very crazy, it sounded as if I was a stalker and going after her. Oh by the way I went to her place to really check if she wears those oversized clothes when not at work.

At the recess nobody spoke to me but they were all speaking about me in low voice, I could hear that. I knew these guys had the meanest minds and must have pictured me loitering around her house. I think they wished I was caught this time and beaten up like a mad dog. Such crass guys are never scarce in this world.  I have few friends who stood by me and Menish is one among them “Yo bro don’t worry man, I know this is all too much but you will get over it”. Such a relief it was to see someone supporting during humiliation. “Thanks man” I said.

“By the way, did you get a nice look of how she looks at her place, mate ?”

“You are a creep, you really think I went to her place”

“Bro I saw you turn towards her street, so now tell me what you have to share”

There was no use trying to look innocent.

“Well what else could you expect. She is no good at home either, all the same. Actually she looks even horrible at home; you know at home girls don’t even keep their hair tied. They think grooming is only when outside. You will really puke if you look at any dame at home.”

“Is it? But Vinoy said she wears 3/4th at home and doesn’t even wear glasses. He also saw her wearing wide neck shirts, you know the one which falls off their shoulders and all boys die to have a good look at”

“Bastard when you knew how she looks why do you even cared to check with me”

“Chill bro, this time I was checking if you saw something more revealing”

I swung my bag on my shoulder and left that place and that day I didn’t feel like attending the class. Anyway the next class was of Computers and I am sure she will whine and make a big issue. You thought that my sorry would have kept her quiet. No way, girls will get complete pleasure of revenge only when they see their opponent on their knees begging for mercy.  They will spit on you, condemn you, disgust you and finally hate you and that is when all their venom gets over. But the funny part is, later they become so friendly. You should try this, after you have been slaughtered by the girl wait for some time then go to her and tell her she has been so nice to you. You could see Holy Mother in her eyes with that entire merciful attitude and how she feels that she is tender and and how she could take on the world with her patience. And the best part is, you just tell her you loved watching her being bad like a maniac. Her heart melts right there, probably that is the best time to even kiss her.

But I will not try all this with Prakriti, no way. Not that I do not want to kiss her but she is a menace later. One day I was bothering her too much and she took the name of my grandfather and said she will come and talk to him. You don’t know him. He is a very old man but fit and healthy. I know most of the people that he knew were all dead. Whenever some historian is shown on TV he jumps out of the chair and says he worked or been with him earlier.  I don’t know how many goddam friends he had. And guys of that age usually have plenty of time at hand. You should talk to them on any topic and they will go on and on for hours and finally we will forget where we started. And imagine if she comes and tells my grandfather about my behavior and all. I think that will be amusing to him to discipline me and teach me about ethics, manners, respect and responsibility. So generally Prakrithi is a threat to me than a pleasure. I would keep her only in my thoughts and let her wander in them till I find something more interesting.

So while I was passing by the Biology lab and happened to see Aron surrounded by some of his classmates and I saw him holding a burette with some liquid in it. I just went in to see if he can join me for a game at the video games parlor.

“So guys just see this, I pour this herbal extract into this acid and you see those fumes, whoever inhales them will get his brains working twice than they would normally. You could use this during your exams and get all that crap into your head while studying in just a week”

“Hey Aron, are you up for a game of Space Commandos? I am planning to go”

“You got your class now? Are you not going?

“Na bro, Prakriti is on leave today”

“Ok, I got nothing much to do today, so let us go”

We started walking to the gaming parlor. It opened few months after our college started computer courses. I think there is some relation to it but I could not figure out. The gaming parlor had some big screens and some joysticks to hold and you start shooting all the creeps that appear on the screen. If you kill 50 in a row then you are allowed to play for another 10 mins as bonus.

Aron was deeply involved in hitting those aliens and I said “Did you know anything about Gina and that guy in the park”

“No, but tomorrow I am going to meet someone who studies in the same college, let us see what he has to say, Why are you so interested in her ? Do I have to know anything?

“Ah hell, nothing man, you know she is sort of family friend and if their parents come to know about her going around with that guy then they will ask me if I knew anything. And they will blame me for not telling them of what I know or didn’t know. “

“I thought some special interest in her. If that is the case then I will not bother to tell you that she just boarded that bus towards the downtown”

“What? Where? Which bus? Looks like it is moving slowly, maybe I can catch that, I will see you later”


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