The Deceptive Mind – Chapter 5

The Deceptive Mind

Chapter 5

This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised

Next morning I wanted to sneak out as quietly as possible but my grandpa was sitting in the hall reading his newspaper. I didn’t speak a word while taking my shoes from the rack and was wearing them and he was following my footsteps and was watching me like those falcons that lock the target.  But I didn’t make an eye contact and left my home and took a deep breath after I crossed few streets.

We have come to a point that I have to tell you about my friends. I had few at college and outside but let me start with my classmates. There was Mohan, Kiran, Lucky and Suresh and by the virtue of being classmates I had special affinity towards them. Generally they were well matured guys and used to take life seriously. Mohan always gives this picture of a huge responsibility on his shoulders and all his future lies in what he does now. Kiran was matured of all, probably because he wanted to be a brotherly figure in the group and was always taking an advisory role whenever a crisis occurred. Lucky was more of my type – flirtatious, energetic and smart. Suresh had a mixture of all our features with a balanced approach. I will tell about these guys by and by when we move forward with the story. All I have to say now is that we used to gather everyday at basketball court and then go to class. All the plans for the day were designed at that place and whenever I had nothing to do I used to be there waiting for anyone to join.

I saw them gathered at the court as usual and I joined them and said “Did you guys do the math assignment? I totally lost on it and I am sure I will have a hell of a time”

Kiran said “You are spared, the math teacher is on a leave and science class too has been postponed. We only have computer class but we are all planning for a movie and declare a holiday here”

Coming to think of it, I mean the computer class it brought Prakriti into my mind. Such a matured girl she was and I think I shouldn’t call her a girl anymore but rather a fine woman. Was she really concerned on my academics or did my taunts paid off. Was there some unknown feeling that was brewing in her that I was unable to realize. Was I naïve to not to notice the changes in her behavior or has she been subtle in her expressions. It is so complex in understanding a woman; though her heart yearns for love her determination can keep her calm like a still water. It was so rewarding to know that I was in her thoughts and I am worthy as to seek her love and make her world a better place. I felt I was deeply missing her and wanted to see her at once, so I went to the staff room.

While I was close to it I heard two low voices. It was of Biology and English teachers. Biology teacher was in his early 40 and had a protruding belly and had a bald head. He used to wear a wrist watch made of steel and had a habit of twisting his wrist to hear the clinking of the metal. Our English teacher was around of the same age and was divorced few years ago. She was charming for her age; I think all the English teachers gave lot of importance to grooming and prefer to look tidy. She too was dressed appropriately to hide her extra flab on her and looked youthful. She had the habit of wearing very tight dress that she had to keep her shoulders straight and stretched, this made her look buxom as her bosom was always held high. Biology teacher was Franklin and she was Lathika.

Franklin was sitting few feet away from her and when he noticed that there was no one in the staff room he pulled the chair couple of feet closer and murmured something to her. It must have been something dirty and she was blushing and he moved his chair still further. While she was still giggling on his jokes he held her hand and put an arm around her and pulled her closer. I got so nervous that I just wanted to flee from that place and swiftly turned to run and bumped into Prakriti at the entrance. I was trembling with fear and embarrassment while I was standing close to her. I saw her deep brown eyes looking at me and she was surprised see me. She didn’t look upset or sore on me but rather puzzled. Without a word I left that place and ran towards the court.

There my friends were all ready to go for a movie and Lucky was flashing the tickets, Kiran got his car and waved at me to come in. Mohan as usual told them that the budget allocated for this event was 200 bucks and he doesn’t intend to spend a penny more. Suresh was having his smoke before stepping into the car. I went to them and said I was summoned at the principal’s office and I can’t make it for the movie. All were screaming and swearing at the principal but I convinced them to keep calm and go for the movie. I promised to join them at the bowling alley after their movie. I wasn’t interested in that movie anyway, they were going for this war movie where they show gunfire for almost 90 minutes and occasional romance between the sergeant and army doctor, the sergeant goes for the war and later the doctor gets the news that he was killed in cross fire. And she remains as a spinster for the rest of her life. What a tragedy and we have to pay to watch such movies. I mean, can’t she just find another guy, the sergeant is dead and it is not like he ditched or something.

The real reason for not going to the movie was I wanted to meet Prakriti and apologize. It was the best time when no one was around and I can just say sorry and vanish. How matured and how considerate she was that I haven’t seen such a woman in my class or in our staff. I know she likes me and has a soft corner for me and that is why she has been so eager to make me right and probably she will find pride when she makes me a complete man. She deserves that sorry from me and it should bring truce and start a new chapter in our relation.

I was so scared to peep into that staff room; earlier incident was so dreadful and couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it might have been for all three of them. Nevertheless, I got courage to step at the door. What I saw was Ms.Lathika was sitting next to Prakriti and was flaunting all her new jewelry and on the other corner Franklin was correcting the answer sheets of Biology test that happened recently.

“Lo and Behold, your menace is here” said Franklin.

Lathika just hid her jewelry in her blouse as if she was stuffing everything into a box and went to her table and was eyeing what Franklin was doing. He was making his watch to clink and probably it meant that he wanted to meet her outside so she walked out of the room and he too left in no time.

It made me more nervous to find myself in a room only with Prakriti, it was so strange and scary. I went close to her and it surprised me to see that she was not wearing glasses and her attire too was different. She was really looking like a college girl who should be sitting in our class next to me. She was wearing some long ear rings that were dancing every time she moved. I stood by her table and saw she was wearing a perfectly fit dress and looking gorgeous.

When my faculties are challenged and when I feel that I have been cornered or when I might be facing a failure, I evoke my courage and test its limits and restore my confidence and strength. That moment when I was at her desk it was important for me to have a smooth traction between us that keeps pulling her towards me. The motive doesn’t end at an apology but to embark on a wonderful relation that should transform from what we were to what we could be.  So more than a sorry it will be coffee than can make wonders.

With a determined voice I said “Prakriti, thanks for coming to my home, grandpa was very happy to see you. I was just thinking if we could go for a coffee and have a small talk. I think we need to settle few things” That recitation was done without a pause or intonation and later I was breathing heavily.

“I don’t want to come to your regular coffee shops that you take Gina and the rest of the girls to….I know how they are ridiculed. I can come to our college cafeteria and I too have something to talk to you”

“Excellent, that will be fine; I will see you in half an hour there. By the way you are looking gorgeous, I know you will get mad at me but can’t stop complimenting” I was almost at the exit door and before I lost sight of her I saw her countenance change from a serious one to blushing.


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