This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised

I had half an hour so I went to the flower store near our college as I wanted to gift her one. I was standing there and was overwhelmed with the so many varieties and then the shopkeeper spoke to me

“Sending someone off at the airport sir?”


“Birthday of a friend sir?”


“Want someone to get well from the ailment?”

“Bah, don’t you have any better occasion other than such heart-rending ones?”

“Aah! I got it sir, I got it, it is love sir it is love, the loveliest emotion. Your classmate sir?”

“You got the reason right but not the person” I had some blush on my face

“Junior sir?”

“Nah, can’t handle immature”

“I got it sir, this time I got you. Senior sir senior, very excellent …according to times….trendy and class….may I suggest this new breed of flower which is not available anywhere in this city sir….just got this imported ….there is no name to it yet….the scientific name is too confusing sir..but suits your occasion”

“Well what if I say she is my teacher?”

I saw his eyes open wide with half astonishment and half contempt but his goal was to sell flowers so he said “Very daring sir, I tell you very bold, trendsetter….by the way double your age sir ?”

“Why do you poke your nose too much? Show me any good flower which suits a beautiful woman, age doesn’t matter but what she holds in my heart does”

“Special place sir, she holds a special place in your heart. May I suggest this new bunch of turquoise blue tulips, very rare…specially grafted…can’t find in the city”

“How much”

“Wouldn’t cost much sir, just 500 a bunch”

“Good God, you know white ones are 50 a bunch and how come these ones are so expensive?”

“Specially grafted sir,  gardener has to take extreme care….not easily grown…value for money sir and madam will enjoy sir, elderly women like something different, white is regular……but this color is like you, bold and courageous ”

“Fine” I left him with my 500 bucks and a conclusion that I am dating a middle-aged woman; I did that on purpose because if I tell him her age there is no one except Prakriti in our college. That leaves an opportunity for him to draw opinions on her.

I went to the cafeteria and she was already sitting at a corner. I went to her and extended my hands and offered the flowers. She was already furious and those flowers made her even worse. She hit them on the table and kept her hand on them crushing and spoke at length about my behavior and how she has been tolerant and how she respects my family. She was screaming on my academic performance and wondered why I was finding it hard to concentrate. She termed my feelings towards her as pure infatuation and was no better than a kid crying for TV remote. How sheepish was her analogy? My deep heavy emotions were no better than a child’s rant!. Finally she left with serious deadlines to complete my assignments and attend lab sessions regularly. I was sitting there staring at those crushed petals of tulips.

What a magnificent waste she was? Will she ever come out of those serious thoughts? Who will teach her how to enjoy life? She was so unmoved even after such dedication, sincerity and passion. Who will ever look at that stone face? Let her go to hell with her class.

I left the flowers on the table and went to the basketball court with my face sunk inside. I saw Aron waiting for me and I joined him.

“Civa(that is  my name), I saw you with some tulips, who gave you?”

“Huh, gave? I bought them for 500”

“What? They are not worth more than 50, you were ripped off dude”

“It doesn’t matter now, I am not in a right mood, had to hear some nonsense with Prakriti”

“Take it easy man; you are used to it anyway. Hey, I forgot to mention, I got the info about Gina, that guy whom she was in that park is a total jerk of all times. God knows why she went with him but now no more. It was a short-lived relation and she found the truth about him. “

“Really! Are you serious? You made my day man. I think this is what those spiritual speakers say. What they callit? When God closes a door then opens another, something of that sort. No kidding, so she is all single now.”

“Yep, to the best of my knowledge she is in the right mind to be tapped for a jingle”

He was holding his head high with pride like a sleuth who cracked a mystery. I looked at my watch it was about noon and I knew where she could be. I set my hair and tucked my shirt and was getting ready but was stopped by our guys who just came back from the movie. Kiran started lecturing me for missing the movie and insisted that I join them for lunch and then to the bowling alley. My pleads for letting me go was categorically rejected and looked like they were all upset for my absence. With no choice I obeyed their orders and asked Aron to join me and share more info about Gina.


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