The Deceptive Mind – Chapter 8



This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised

The moment I deciphered her message I was so excited and surprised at the turn of the fate and the overwhelming events that had taken place that evening. I wanted to meet Gina with alacrity and see what she was up to.  I dressed myself in haste and went downstairs and I was passing my grandpa’s room that heard him call me inside. That was the most disgusting time to pick me for his usual rant. All the excitement and anxiety can be just trashed with his invective and should there be any zest left then it shall be subdued by the stench of his medicines. And I was so unfortunate that my grandpa was given to look after my affairs at my college.

 I saw him lying on his bed and beside was my brother who was 8 years old then. He was my grandpa’s pet and was seen always around him asking for bedtime stories. I am sure he must have had lot of them to share as a 90-year-old with so many dead friends. My brother used to be lean and the doctor advised him to have Vitamin tonic twice daily. This job of administering him the tonic was given to my grandpa. Every day at the prescribed time he will come to my brother with a spoonful of the tonic which used to smell like a strong antibiotic dipped in mint and offer him to have it. More often than not my brother hated it and used to refuse with all this tantrums. After being fed up of pampering him to have the tonic, he used to go in his room and gulp it at once. Later it became a customary to offer my brother the tonic and my grandpa to have it. He drank 6 such bottles after which my father grew suspicious and stopped buying and brought us much-needed relief from that chemical.

So my brother was lying next to him getting ready for another story and the moment I entered into the room my grandpa started denouncing me. He made me listen to all that I missed the other day. He mentioned how I was careless in my studies and how Prakriti, as a benevolent teacher and a solicitor, took care of me. It looked as if he was seeking some assurance from me so I said I will dedicate myself for studies. But I think it really backfired and made him lose his cool and he was yelling at the top of his voice and was having spasms and looked epileptic. This scared my brother so much that he pointed his fingers to me and started crying in loud voice. The whole scene looked like I was a big culprit and the judge was delivering the quantum of punishment right in the courtyard. This time there was no respite and I had to endure that pain but I looked at my watch to see if there is still time to meet Gina.

“Busy sir? Are you busy to go and meet your friends? None of them look decent; they all seem to be some thugs or dacoits. Don’t you have good acquaintances sir? Gina is of your age, am I right sir?

“Yes grandpa”

“Then why the hell don’t you be with her and get some discipline, respect and integrity”

My eyes were wide opened and there was a huge smile on my face and I wanted to make the idea stronger with my support but then he interrupted “Go get my pain relief gel from the cupboard and come here”

I must have been the most ill-treated and misery worn grandson in this world and I was so pitiful for myself to do that service especially when I was expecting some romantic moments that night. Imagine the kind of smell my hands will have and how should I keep her away from the odor.

I took some gel on my hands and started applying on his calf muscle.

“Rub thoroughly, apply some pressure. Be on the calf, be on the calf muscle” he was frantically shouting with her fists held tight and having convulsions.

“Do you also need some vitamin tonic?” he said

“No” I screamed

He thought I was averse to its taste and withdrew the idea of giving me that syrup. My massage did give the effect and soothed all his senses and he said it was enough.

I took leave from the room and filled my hands with soap and washed them thoroughly. Though the smell didn’t go completely but I was satisfied that it will not make Gina upset. I saw my dad’s car parked as he had gone with his friend, so I took the car and headed for Gina’s house. 

Since I used to go to her house quiet often, her mom called Gina to come outside. I asked her if I could take Gina out for the local community hall where chess competition was going on. She agreed happily and more than that I saw Gina excited to get into the car. She did not spend much time in getting ready and was beside me in no time. She was wearing a casual dress and avoided all that gaudy stuff that women wear to boost up their appearance. Her plain clothes and minimal jewelry made her look awesome and I felt her that she was in the purest form of her beauty on that day. She was a dark beauty and had charming smile and eyes to complement them.

I moved out of her lane and took a turn towards the community hall then she said “I hope we are not really going to watch the chess competition”

I asked her to hold on and took her to the mall that was newly opened. You must be wondering what might happen if Prakriti was at that mall. Nah! No chance. I saw her car parked at her house and she never steps out after 8 PM.

The mall was all lit with flashy lights and was looking dazzling. The shops were all new and owners were welcoming the shoppers to step in and have a look at their collection. It was like Christmas evening with so many people filled in the mall and loud music playing from the speakers at all over the place. Gina looked engrossed in ambience and seemed to be lost but she turned to me and asked “Civa, do you prefer to grow your mustache or have a shaven face?” This question made me so uncomfortable and shy and nobody except my mom used to ask me such personal things. I was, for a moment, taken aback but I said I would prefer having a mustache. For which she giggled and said I would look very odd like a mustache drawn on a baby’s face. This made me so embarrassed and also reminded that I was just 15 then.

As you all are aware that I react the way I am treated but since it was a sensitive matter I had to be cautious so I asked her “Do you wear shorts at home?” For which she was cool and said she wears them only before going to bed and though she prefers to wear all the time but her mom was against the idea. Gina has a habit of portraying herself as an easy-going girl with no hard feelings. It will be very difficult to find out if she is doing it deliberately or innocently. There she just spread her skirt with her hands and asked me what I felt about it. I think it will never work for us as long she behaves as a naïve girl and some passions should be evoked with a reasonable stimulant. I decided to poke her heart, hence I said “Like always, gorgeous. This one makes even more charming as it hugs your body tight and shows all your curves. I think they are perfect”. Finally there was a pause in her expressions and slowly a chuckle slipped from her lips and I was confident that my words struck a chord in her.

It was that moment we all die for, the instant when you know your charm has worked. That sensuous experience even before anything has happened is much sweeter than the act itself. Men yearn to reach such intimacy but most of them face an early death with their ego, prejudice and haste. Women have always been in our reach but only for those who have patience and the skill to tap at the right time. May be I was born with this skill or just fortunate to be spontaneous.

I held her hands and took her to the parking lot and sat in my car. She was tensed and was anticipating something from me. I looked around to see if we were in the right place. The parking lot was all secluded and there were all big trees behind. When I turned around I saw some strange figure pass by which looked like a ghost clad in white gown and vanished in no time. I was scared and profusely sweating and it looked all the stories that my grandpa used to tell seemed real. I started the car at once and left that place with jerky movements. Gina was all puzzled and was even more scared when she saw me driving like a psycho that is running away from unknown danger. 


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