This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised

I dropped Gina at her place and despite of her inquiries I gave a deaf ear and left her confused and worried. At home I didn’t go upstairs but slept in my grandpa’s room and listened to his rant for a while before I slipped into a deep slumber. Next day I was woken up by my mom as Gina was on the phone line. I was so ashamed to talk to her for what had happened the last night. Nevertheless, I had to pick up the phone and with my voice trembling and feeble I said “Hi Gina”.

I heard her in a composed and relaxed tone saying “Hey Civa! You were very nervous last night and maybe it was too early for us. I can understand and we shall continue to be good friends. I will see ya later” and hung up.

Frankly, it was a relief that she assumed me to be beginner in such matters as she wasn’t aware that I have had many such encounters before. Being known as an ignorant is far prestigious than branded as a coward. Whatever she thinks about me doesn’t hide the fact that I was afraid of some unknown danger last night. Was that a ghost or did my senses fail to perceive the circumstances. In these matters I had faith that my friend Aron can bring some light on it. Aron had not only sleuth complexity but also the habit of visiting haunted places just for the kick. So I called up Aron and asked him to meet me at the biology lab in half an hour. I reached the place and found him waiting for me.

Without any delay I narrated all that I saw last night but I fell short of mentioning that I was with Gina. Aron probed me with so many descriptive questions about the incident and I told him everything except Gina’s presence in the car. Based on my statements he concluded that the place was dark enough and some youngsters were using that area to consume weed and other sorts of drugs. And he advised me to stay away from such areas to avoid falling in trouble. Though it was a respite that I didn’t see a ghost but it was scary that I brushed closely enough with anti-social elements. Even now when I write this story I feel nervous to imagine what could have happened if Gina and I were discovered in the car.

I vowed that I will not venture into such dangerous places and put myself and any other lady in trouble again. I bid goodbye to Aron and started walking to my class and an inexplicable feeling arose in me as my mind was wandering in Prakriti’s car. I think such a wonderful moment was not cherished as it should have been. I was overwhelmed with so much of events that I could not value it and give its due time. I was ecstatic when I think of it again and again. The feeling was so great and didn’t want to put a leash on my mind and deprive it of the freedom of imagination. I imagined as what could have happened if I stayed longer in the car with her. What if it was not a car? And what if she wasn’t really our teacher?

It always occurs to me that such happy moments are fraught with suspicion. She never instills confidence in me to dream of a future where we would be together. I was in doubts whether she was looking for a relationship or if it was an act of an impulsive urge. I have had such affairs before and all indicate a cause of concern. It had become customary to put my heart as a pawn for a fantasy that always fades away over time. It was not that I never wanted to venture into deep waters but I wanted to tread cautiously.

Being pensive I reached my class too early because of my appointment with Aron, I went to the last row and took a seat to wait for the rest to come. To my surprise the first class was of Computers and Prakrit has a habit of coming to the class early to set things up before starting her lecture. So there she walked in and placed her purse on the table saw me and then she became busy in setting up the computer. I was watching her work attentively and she was arranging things meticulously. She became engrossed in her work as she tries to be a perfectionist to avoid any mishaps during her presentations. Meanwhile I went to her and leant and was staring at the computer screen, she too stared at it as she felt there was something wrong in it. I was so close to her that my shoulders were brushing hers. I held her fingers in my hand and gave a gentle squeeze to see her reaction. She just smiled and freed her hand but tapped my foot with hers. It was funny so I took her hand again and she repeated what she did before. I liked it because probably that was for the first time I saw her to be at ease and really romantic. She had shed her authoritative expression and looked lovely and soft.

With a quick glance I saw that the corridor was empty so I put my arms around her soft waist pulled closer and kissed her tender lips. It was so quick that before should could realize I was done and walked away from her. That act made us to embark on a romantic relationship and it wiped off all the mental barriers and apprehensions between us. Courage had paid off.

In my experience a safe bet is on a woman of higher intelligence and lesser beauty than otherwise. As they nag less and display the courage to be adventurous and whether the storm. It is everyman’s dream to show his partner the world with his perspective but it will be even more enticing if the world unravels as an outlook from a woman. And that revelation can only be done by a matured and composed woman like Prakriti. My moment with her shall always be special and intriguing.

Few weeks passed and silence between Gina and I continued; at college I had few lonely encounters with Prakriti. Since she kept my mind busy I didn’t attempt to think of Gina but I am certain that I will bump into her anytime soon as life is short and so is our neighborhood. She will surely evoke those buried passions in me and my mind falls prey for the deception called Beauty.


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