This is purely a work of fiction and is not intended for any one dead or alive. Although it has been written in autobiographical style this is no way related to my experiences or a memoir. Since the content is suited for adult, readers discretion is advised

An early morning the phone rang and I had to pick up the call and it was Prakriti.

“Hi Sweetie, Whats up”

“Civa, this is serious. The principal’s office has asked me to summon you and your parents for a meet. They want to discuss about your attendance and progress at the college. Be at the college today at 11 AM along with your folks” beep went the phone.

I was dumbfounded at her treatment and the news was scary enough to get the sweat out of me. I felt so shattered and helpless that I wanted to run away from that place. The humiliation and guilt stricken future of mine was flashing on my mind and the fear of being held contemptible was demeaning. I said to myself Have some courage and everything will be alright.

I went to check my dad’s mood and stepped into his room. There I saw he was yelling at my mom for burning the pancakes and making it too crispy. He had it in his hand and held it against my mom’s face and was showing the dark portion of it where it was burnt badly. It was not the condition of the pancake rather it was the negligence he was pointing at. I think my mom had it enough and couldn’t take more of his tantrums so she turned around in haste and brushed me aside and went into the kitchen and later I heard slamming of the kitchen door. I looked into my dad’s eyes with my cheeks red and legs shivering.

“What do you want?”

That was it. My heart skipped a beat and I said nothing and ran away. While coming out of the room I peeped into my Grandpa’s. He was organizing his medicines into the shelves. He had segregated painkillers, laxatives, anti-biotic and sedatives and neatly marked them on the containers and was so happy to see the heap of them which will last for another six months. Beat the iron when it’s hot,

“Grandpa these sedatives are really good ones in the market, they give such a sound sleep that even if you sleep next to a monster truck you won’t wake up”

“Really” popped out his eyes

“You bet, by the way before you go into a deep slumber are you free to come with me to my college”

“Is it? But why?”

“Well, my principal wants to meet the parents but you know dad is not in his mood as usual mom messed up the cooking, so I thought if you could be there for half an hour. They will just tell you how the management is trying to improve facilities and new teachers and about games that they have introduced. Basically a marketing stunt”

“Oh! Your dad, he is so nagging. Well, that is the way he is after all he is my son. What did you say about those sedatives, say again”

“Pa, please pay some attention to my college visit and tell me are you coming or not”

“Same as dad, you frown when in anger, same as dad. Be ready at 10 and we will go”

I sprang out of that room and got ready and when I came downstairs I saw my dad making truce with my mom and was explaining how burnt food becomes carcinogenic and causes cancer. My mom too was sober and the storm got settled with some humor. Before they could notice that we were going out, we stepped out and took a taxi.

The Principal’s office was one section in our college where no student dared to loiter around. Everyone including teachers and administrative staff were scared of her. She was known for her strict policies and adherence to them.

Everyone was staring at me and my grandfather when we stepped into the college. They knew the reason of any parent to be present in the college. Either the pupil will get a strong warning or will be driven away forever. All the corridors and the walkways were filled with my seniors and juniors alike who have gathered to see what could befall on me during the parents meet.

“Looks like you are famous here, you seems to inspire them” said my grandpa

Indeed, in other way, I thought

The office boy asked us to wait outside the Office and went in to seek permission to let us in. He came out and said they have been waiting for us. My grandpa and I stepped into her chamber. Her room was designed with a classic outlook. The entire furniture and shelves were made of Mahogany teak and were thoroughly polished and kept tidy. There were books, books and books everywhere and even smelt like an old pile of books.

She was seated on a big revolving chair behind a large table with pen stand and a file with my name on it. Beside her on a small chair was Prakriti looking very serious and morose.  After exchanging all the civilities with my grandfather, Mrs.Gabriel(our Principal) looking through her spectacles said to my grandpa “Have you seen his grades and progress report, sir?”

“No, is there anything to worry maam?”

“Worry! Huh! Sir, he has failed is all the subjects and his attendance is dismal and I am afraid I might have to detain him in the same class and make him repeat a year”

It took time for my grandpa to comprehend the reason for the meeting. He was bit upset and sincerely apologized to Mrs.Gabriel and promised to pay attention in my academics. I never saw him so composed yet I knew he was ripped off with rude shock that he got at the college. He didn’t speak to me and left to our home in a taxi. I was standing there at the exit gate and to add some salt to the wound the whole college was gathered to enjoy my humiliation.

Prakriti went into the staff room and I followed her to seek more information.

“Were you aware of all this when you called me?”


“Then why didn’t you warn me. I could have saved a lot of shame”

“Shame!  The disgrace you have got upon you cannot be unnoticed and does it matter to you anyway. You are not the earlier Civa anymore”

“You look upset, should we go out and talk”

“It’s over, it’s all over Civa, and I can’t be with someone who takes his life-like a game at the casino. You may leave me and this place now”

My heart shattered and head sunk that was one of my worst days of my life. My head was heavy and I was walking aimlessly on the streets and my hands involuntarily rubbed my eyes and later I saw they were wet and I was crying.


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